Mayor Bloomberg wants you to sit tight and have a sandwich while we all wait out the incoming FRANKENSTORM that has already started drowning parts of the city. But what if you don't have the right sourdough bread? What if you ran out of fresh truffle shavings? What if you don't have any backup Grey Poupon?? Well don't worry: there are still a surprising amount of restaurants that are delivering despite the storm. You just better be ready to wait a bit—and ready to compensate them properly for going out in this:

First of all, places will (hopefully, for their own sakes) stop delivering more and more as we get closer to Hurricane Sandy's touchdown, so if you really need food and your local grocery is all used up, you really should order soon. You can check out who is still delivering in your neighborhood via Seamless—they acknowledge that some places may have closed without saying anything, and if so, you should email to let them know. They also have some tips about staying patient, saying estimated delivery times may be off—just about every place we looked up has at least an hour to two hour delivery times.

We strongly suggest that you give a very generous tip to anyone who is open, as well. Thanks to our own unscientific Twitter poll, we can say that these places are still open: Kings Wok in Crown Heights; Sunset Park Diner; Forest Hills Bagels; and Cafecito in East Village. Also, for what it's worth, Alejandro Rojas tweets: "168 restaurants still delivering to my zone A apt in Kips Bay..."