A cafe in New Zealand has come up with either the greatest or most dangerous invention in the world: a tube that delivers burgers to your table. That's right—a tube that shoots burgers right to you. The Machines are feeding us, people. The Revolution has begun.

Sam Crofskey, the owner of C1 Espresso in Christchurch, says these pneumatic tubes have in the works for years; they're able to shoot canisters filled with sliders and French fries to specific tables at 85 miles per hour. "We want to be really memorable,'' Crofskey told NZ newspaper The Press. ''This is a world first." Oh, and he got the idea from watching Futurama.

The tube system had its first test run on Wednesday, though full installation is still in the works; Crofskey says he plans on implementing it at every table in the restaurant by next year. It might be some time before we see a food delivery system like this in the States, but judging by our current health stats, maybe it's best we don't make obtaining burgers any easier here.