Gothamist doesn't smoke. And yet, we can't help but feel compassion for the puffing masses that huddle outside of New York's bars to get their hit of nicotine before they shuffle back indoors for a hit of alcohol. And so, it seems the outdoor bar has been lifted to the status of tavern treasure within the whole five boroughs. The East Village seems rife with options in this category - from DBA to The Boxcar Lounge. But where, oh where, is the smoking barfly to go in the glorious borough of Brooklyn?

The answer: the new garden bar/lounge at Five Front, where you can imbibe and inhale in a enchanting backyard, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Partitioned from the restaurant's equally charming outdoor dining area, the bar offers a bevy of stools at a wooden counter and a jovial bartender to go with. A couple sets of comfy butterfly chairs with tables complete the picture - perfect if you want to indulge in some of the restaurant's Mediterranean-influenced dishes or a top-notch burger while you juggle your Camel Light and Fresh Lime Margarita.

Gives breath of fresh air a whole new urban twist, doesn't it?

Five Front, 5 Front Street, Brooklyn, (718) 625-5559

-- Vittles Vamp