Starting next month, Central Park vendors will bring apples and bananas to hot dog and ice cream territory. Not only will the new fruit carts’ offerings be healthier than normal vendor fare, it will be cheaper. According the Post, they’ll sell “three bananas for just a buck, half-pound boxes of strawberries for $2 and mangoes for $1.50.” A spokesman says the Parks Department is “trying to vary our food offerings and include healthy and diverse options." Still, New Yorkers weren’t all enthused. “Bring on more junk food!" said one bagel-hardened skeptic.

"Who wants fruit carts clogging up the sidewalks up here?" said 53-year-old Fifth Avenue resident John Frearson, adding that "New York's about bagels, shish kebabs, hot dogs and other unhealthy things, right?” But, perhaps influenced by Mayor Bloomberg, another passerby voiced a conflicting opinion: "We're all aware of the obesity epidemic, and healthy eating is a great way to get rid of the problem," she said. "The bigger the stall, the better."

The new fruit stands are an extension of the city's Green Carts campaign, and their inventory will come from the Hunts Point Market. Look for them at three locations: parkside on Fifth Avenue between East 80th and East 81st streets, Fifth Avenue between East 86th and East 87th Streets, and West 110th Street between Lenox Avenue and Central Park West.