Earlier this year, the "adult" store Peep World closed, ruining some people's best chance to get kung movies while also watching live nude shows. But now there will be a form of more mainstream titillation opening in its old West 33rd Street location: Hooters.

DNAinfo reports, "In July, Community Board 5 received an application from Hooters of 33rd St. Inc. for a liquor license at 155 W. 33rd St. — the same spot where Peep World spent decades peddling adult films and sex toys. The board recommended the State Liquor Authority approve the license without comment at a July meeting."

While it's still "a sad state of affairs that this city's perverts have so few places to go these days" (as one regular Peep World customer lamented), the location near the BoltBus stop seems like it'll attract some customers: One told DNAinfo, "I'd go to a Hooters while I wait for the bus. They've got good wings. I'd go for the wings." Yes, it's just like reading Playboy for the articles! Anyway, here's a sampling of Yelp reviews from the Midtown Hooters:

1) "Hooters has the two things I love most in a fantastic dining experience: great wings and unlimited refills on Diet Coke."
2) "As for the clientele, there is an oddly high number of families with small kids here. Never ceases to amaze me. Hello? McFly!"
3) "They really only had about 3 different sauces...and the chipotle bbq flavored wings were bland as hell....it was very disappointing The other wings were better and at least had some flavor (due to the spiciness, perhaps?) but were in no way spectacular... Btw, the wings here gave me AND my friend quite an upset stomach....and this is the main reason why i gave them 2/5 stars (which is more than fair!!)"
4) "You want hot wings, hot food, hot waitresses. Why are you here then?"