Prospect Heights mom and Park Slope Food Coop member Yvonne Brechbuhler got a little something extra in a head of organic lettuce she recently brought home: a little green frog “no bigger than the tip of her pinky finger," according to the Daily News. Brechbuhler discovered the frog (pictured) only when she took out the lettuce to make a salad – after it had been in her refrigerator for three days. She insists that her fridge has no frog infestation and speculates the frog hitchhiked in the lettuce from South Florida, presumably seeking fame and fortune in the big city.

It’s a classic story: The frog – named Curious by the family – hit the jackpot straight off the truck, not only making a big splash with the media but also avoiding impalement between a fork and a crouton. Expect the animated movie rights to be optioned soon, followed by Curious sightings at Bungalow 8, a Curious hip hop collaboration with Jamie Foxx, rumors of romantic links to Drew Barrymore, and the inevitably fatal Frogger-esque DWI car crash.

In the meantime, Curious will be accommodated in style by a Brooklyn animal facility that specializes in reptiles and amphibians until he’s adopted by some sharp young CAA talent rep. Interested parties can make inquiries at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. But don’t rush into anything, Curious! Hollywood isn’t like the Brechbuhlers' kitchen – they’ll eat you alive!