Red Hook, the Brooklyn neighborhood on the brink of perpetual change, is about to see some lobsters move into the neighborhood. Pardon Me For Asking has the scoop on the soon-to-open Red Hook Lobster Pound, a new business at 284 Van Brunt Street that will deal in retail sales of live Maine lobster at around $10-11 a pound.

The new business is even setting up a “lobster line” for folks to call and find out when the boats are coming in; Pardon Me For Asking has an exclusive space preview, which includes a mural depicting a jumbo crustacean doing epic battle with some kind of hippy pirate ship, cannons blazing. Death to Patchouli-wearing stoner pirates!

Red Hook, which is undergoing something of a restaurant boomshakalaka, is already home to a lackluster (yet cost effective) $9 lobster roll at Fairway on the end of Van Brunt, and it would be great if someone set up a lobster roll shop nearby. What really remains to be seen, however, is if H.P. Lovecraft’s doomy, 1925 short story The Horror at Red Hook will prove to be prophetic with all these lobsters crawling around the neighborhood after dark. One sample, Lovecraftian line from the story: “[T]he claw-mark on Mrs. Suydam's throat could not have come from her husband's or any other human hand […]”You've been warned, citizens of Red Hook! The Red Hook Lobster Pound opens April 25; more info here.