The New York Times reports that Fresh Direct is creating a new advertising campaign featuring some rather prominent New Yorkers, Mayor Koch, Bobby Flay, and Paulina Porizkova (did you know she lived here?), to contend with the newest challenger to the New York food world, Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's advertising strategy to get back at Fresh Direct? Nothing. Well, almost nothing -- they plan on using their general advertising strategy, designed to keep their costs low, which consists of sending quarterly mailings to residents in the neighborhoods where there stores are located.

Fresh Direct's new $2 million campaign is aimed at "smart, savvy New Yorkers," and each celeb was picked for a certain quality. As described by the Gotham ad exec, "we chose Koch because his persona shouts New York. We chose Flay because his persona says connoisseur and chef and high quality. And we chose Paulina because her persona says healthy, active young mothers, who are really our target audience." Having never been to a Trader Joe's and living in the neighborhood, we're still not sure how the newcomer will impact our use of Fresh Direct. But given that our celebrity spokesperson should be the apartment-dweller who is feeling too damn lazy to haul groceries to and from the store and up four flights of stairs, odds are that we'll still be using Fresh Direct plenty. What about you?