Over the weekend we noticed that Fresh Direct was selling ramps again this year, and for $7.99 per bunch! This is a full $4 over the price you can get them for at the Union Square Greenmarket. Has RampsMania come to this—price gouging? We've reached out to Fresh Direct, who are currently sold out of the seasonal favorite, to see if they could explain the markup, and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, they aren't the only ones making a huge profit off of the foraged item—last week we spotted ramps at Forager's in DUMBO selling for $5 per bunch, and their bunches look suspiciously thin.

If you see ramps-gouging going on at your local grocery, email our ramps line!

UPDATE, April 5th: FreshDirect has lowered their price of ramps to $5.99. Now they're "just" $3 more than they are at the greenmarket.