There are few things more horrific than taking a big bite of a wrap or salad and finding a lizard head or bug carcass inside it. One French family claims they experienced an extreme version of this disgusting phenomenon when they discovered a piece of a "baby rodent" inside a sandwich.

The Post has the suspicious story of 16-year-old Eloise Faux and her family, who had high tea at The Plaza's Palm Court this past Monday. Faux, her friend Elodie and Faux’s Uncle Laurent were living out their Eloise fantasy when Laurent took a bite from a turkey finger sandwich and allegedly found a bit of rat inside it. "We find a rat! A baby rat, yes!" Eloise told The Post from France. "Oui, it was very bad."

Whether it was or wasn't a rat, pandemonium definitely broke out at the restaurant at the time: "A manager, a chef, a Plaza security guard and eventually a cop and an ambulance worker converged on the table," the Post writes. Management kept insisting it was a cranberry, but "the ambulance lady told the manager this is no cranberry," Laurent claims.

The family were transported by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, and the Post says it saw a discharge form on which a doctor wrote, "The remnant you brought looks like the top half of a baby rodent."

You can see a screenshot of the alleged baby rat below:

A spokesperson for The Palm was adamant that this was a hoax:

The Plaza is committed to ensuring that it maintains the highest standards for health and food safety, maintaining an A rating from the NYC Department of Health; this rating is as current as Wednesday, December 23rd. This situation has been thoroughly investigated, and it is unequivocally a meritless claim. The reservation was made under the name "Eloise," and this incident is purely a hoax. The Plaza is extremely proud of our solid record of food safety and handling.

One thing is for sure: rats may love dining on our finest delicacies, but they should never, ever end up in our mouths. Unless you're these guys, of course.