Times Trend alert! This week, the Times put on their work shoes and got cozy with some dumpster divers in Greenpoint. But unlike other "freegans," these folks seem pretty organized. They call themselves Grub, and they dumpster dive to supply a bi-weekly "cheap, simple dinner for friends and co-conspirators."

The divers managed to find foodstuffs ranging from organic juice to kale and blackberries. Eric Levinson, a yoga instructor, said of the gathering, “It’s a way to feed a lot of people for free. And it’s a way to raise awareness of the way food is wasted." However, since they don't actually need to scavenge to survive, the group of artists can afford to be picky. Most of their food is bagged inside supermarkets, and never comes into contact with other garbage. But Grub member Jeff Stark said it isn't about the food, it's about the community. "Grub provided a recurring space to come back and check in with an extended community. You could find a place to stay, a bike to ride, a show to play, all in one shot." He also made a documentary about the gathering, which you can watch below while you count the days until somebody opens a scavenged-menu restaurant in Brooklyn: