[Update below] Hey freegans and bargain hunters! Has Hurricane Sandy left you hungry? You might want to head on over to Red Hook RIGHT NOW. In a friendly case of reverse price gouging, the Red Hook Fairway has put out hundreds of shopping carts filed with perishable food in their parking lot—and it can all be yours! Unless the OWS folks beat you to it, that is.

The Fairway in question is at 480-509 Van Brunt Street. We called to confirm but nobody is answering. Anyway, free food! Hop to it!

[h/t for the Freegan Woodstock joke]

Update: Well, not quite giving away at all, actually. A rep from Fairway tells us "Sadly enough the FREE food you described is actually destined for the dumpster as it was damaged by Sandy. We take food donations very seriously and rescue thousands of pounds of food for City Harvest, the Food Bank and others on an ongoing basis. It saddens me that you would encourage people to view us this way."