Earlier this month a bodyboarder was killed by a shark off the beach in Australia. Now it's time for some payback. On Sunday, Australian barstaurant Bondi Road will be throwing a big 5th birthday party with shark as the main course. They'll be roasting a whole Mako shark on a spit, and using it to serve up free shark tacos. Asked "why shark?", Matilda Boland, manager of "Moo Life Group," tells us, "Because shark is one of the main items on our menu [at Bondi Road], and this being an Australian restaurant, it makes sense." And for New Yorkers, "it's a little bit different."

The fun starts at 3 p.m., with free beer and wine "for all." They expect the shark to be ready for consumption by 5 p.m., assuming it's actually killed and not just playing dead as it bides time until it can spring from the spit and devour a bar full of sodden Lower East Siders. And save room for the following weekend, when The Sunburnt Cow celebrates its birthday with a whole cow roast, serving up free sliders and $3 drinks.

Bondi Road // 153 Rivington Street