The airport sucks. You wait, interminably. You eat a $12 chicken salad sandwich, and your stomach gnaws with nerves that this flight to Tampa is going to be your last. Were the plane's tires properly inspected? What precisely happens if a tire blows out as the plane is taking off? Why is this chicken sandwich so bland and why are you even going to Tampa?

None of this matters anymore! Shake Shack will arrive at JFK's Terminal 4 on May 24, and while a cheeseburger may not prevent your plane's engine from failing or your pilot from being drunk (or will it?), you can at least take solace that in the event of catastrophe, your last meal on this fragile Earth won't be a wet, flaccid chicken salad sandwich.

Terminal 4 is operated by Delta, but passengers on several other carriers—Virgin America, Air Europa and Uzbekistan Airways, to name a few—will still have access to the goods. Here's a full list of carriers that operate out of Terminal 4. We're not saying you should plan your vacation based on an airline's accessibility to Shake Shack, can't hurt to consider.

Of passing interest is the fact that from May 19 through 22, Shake Shaddicts can visit Delta's T4X "experimental space" (read: faux terminal) at 376 West Broadway at Broome Street in SoHo and receive a free “burger pass” for a complimentary Shack Burger, a $4.60 value! Is waiting in two separate—and, presumably very long— lines to save less than five bucks worth the mental anguish? That's between you, your god, and your psychiatrist, although if you can afford a psychiatrist, the answer is probably "fuck no."

Back to Terminal 4. Passengers looking for fancier fare have several options, including Danny Meyer's barbecue restaurant, Blue Smoke On The Road, as well two offerings from Marcus Samuelsson: Uptown Brasserie, a New York style restaurant serving "classic American favorites with international influences," and Street Food, where you can sample on-the-go foodstuffs inspired by street food around the world. Other eateries include steakhouse The Palm Bar & Grill; baked goods from La Brea Bakery and Cake Tin; French-inspired brasserie Le Grand Comptoir, which boasts an impressive selection of wines; sushi bar Asobu; and organic food market Camden food co.

Has all of this made you so hungry but you can't go to lunch for at least another hour? Here—let's read about urinal flies.