Any New Yorker that spends time away from home knows that a classic New York City pizza slice is a work of art. The City Reliquary knows this too, and they've teamed up with Colin the Slice Harvester: a man who has made it his mission to try a slice from every pizzeria in the city. On Friday night, slice lovers will join the Harvester at a "Gala Reception" in Williamsburg to celebrate one of New York's most essential nutrients.

Along with hundreds of photos of Colin's pizza conquests on display, he'll be reading from a new issue of his printed zine, Slice Harvester Quarterly. Free Beer from Brooklyn Brewery and free pizza supplied by local parlors are the "wine and cheese" for this art opening, but just make sure you play it cool and fold your pizza like a real New Yorker, or be forever ostracized by the NYC pizza in-crowd.

City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn; (718) 782-4842