Sweet Lord, Greenpoint is blessed: the noodle dish masters behind Xi'an Famous Foods are opening a brand new outpost in the neighborhood today, and they're handing out free meals from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. FLOCK, LITTLE BIRDIES, FLOCK!

Similar to the promotion held at Xi'an Famous Foods's Upper East Side eatery when it opened last month, they're asking customers to follow them on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo before heading to the new location. There, "fans" can score a noodle dish or burger of their choice, free of charge.

The new space is located at 648 Manhattan Avenue right by the Nassau G, which is useful when that little green monster's not moving at the pace of a sea snail. Xi'an Famous Foods also has five outposts in Manhattan, one in East Williamsburg and two in Flushing, Queens.