Creamline, the Chelsea Market stand serving "American Classics" that opened last year, debuts its first brick-and-mortar location this week. Also in Chelsea on 7th Avenue, the new Creamline's offering the same menu of humble sandwiches like cheeseburgers and fried chicken biscuits and sides of fries and coleslaw. There's one special bonus this week though: free food.

On opening day, January 18th and also on the 19th, hot chocolate and the restaurant's decadent deep fried Oreos will be free. The "sugar-bomb[s]," as Scott Lynch describes the Oreos, come with whipped cream, and the hot chocolate is made with fudge.

Everything on the menu's pretty cheap, but they're also doing a new deal for the new location. The Chelsea Combo includes a burger, fries and a Maine Root fair-trade soda for $15.

180 7th Avenue;