The transformation of food trucks into a major promotional tool is in full effect. Hot on the heels of the Air France truck and the Swamp People truck comes another free food truck, this one boasting food from Tom Colicchio inspired by HBO's upcoming series Game of Thrones. The truck will be in New York from March 28 through April 1 serving 300 portions a day of free dishes featuring meats like rabbit, duck, squab and venison.

Details on the exact menu and the trucks whereabouts aren't yet available, but you can expect to find more on the Game of Thrones Twitter all next week. And considering the small number of portions they'll be serving, you'll want to watch that feed closely.

"The real challenge," Colicchio says in a video (below) on the truck's fare, "was coming up with dishes that fit the five different regions in the series. The Wall, for instance, is very far north, its very cold, but it is bordered by sea so they do get seafood up there. So I decided to create a black fish stew."

"If I really could do it," he continued, "I'd have whole goats roasting on spits, but that's really hard to do for 300 people out of a food truck."