New Yorkers may be willing to sell their kidneys for an iced coffee, so what would they do for a free Starbucks "Refreshers" drink?

We ask because tomorrow, Friday the 13th, between noon and 3 p.m. the chain is offering free 12 oz. samples of their Very Berry Hibiscus or Cool Lime Refreshers at stores across the country. No purchase necessary, just walk in and ask for one.

So what are these new "Refreshers," you ask? Well, according to the company they are "the latest breakthrough in coffee" which use "Green Coffee Extract" for their energy boost. According to the company "Starbucks is using an innovative process to pull the naturally occurring caffeine and other good stuff from 100% green arabica coffee beans before they are roasted. The result is Green Coffee Extract - the natural energy from coffee, but with none of the coffee flavor." And thank God. Because if there is one thing we can't stand about coffee it is the coffee flavor, right? Or, let us rephrase that: if there is one thing we can't stand about Starbucks coffee it is the Starbucks coffee flavor.

Anyway, free drinks!