It's Monday, it's raining, and half of your friends are still sound asleep in their childhood bedrooms surrounded by their most beloved stuffed animals, but those of us still holding things together in town have no regrets. In addition to having large swaths of deserted New York all to ourselves, today we also have free food from one of the best, if not the best, food trucks in town. The award-winning Cinnamon Snail truck will be giving it all away today at 55th Street and Broadway.

According to a statement from the most delicious purveyor of vegan sandwiches, pastries, and breakfast burritos, the truck will be shutting down for about a month to work on a new kitchen and a new truck. "As a way of returning the love to NYC that we are shown every day, we are going to make everything on the truck FREE for our last day out before our break," says Cinnamon Snail owner Adam Sobel.

There will be a limit of one free menu item and one pastry per person, and Sobel adds, "We will stock as heavily as we can—really, we will stick the truck to absolute capacity—but all free food will be available until we run out. So, please don't be mad with us if you show up late and we are out of food. It’s first come first serve." Why are you still reading this inedible website instead of running out in the rain to get this in your mouth?