If you were as envious as we were of the Rattus connoisseurs who paid $100 a pop for a five course rat dinner served at a Lower East Side art gallery last week, you'll be happy to know that tomorrow you'll have your chance to taste vermin yourself. Savvy gallery owner Allegra LaViola tells The Observer that chef Yuri Hart will be preparing a "grilled rat sampler" for public consumption, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Last week's private dinner (and tomorrow's tasting) are both extensions of artist Laura Ginn’s post-apocalyptic photo exhibit, “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again On What We Catch,” which is on view through August 4th. Unfortunately, the rat meat is NOT locally-sourced; the rats are shipped from a "facility" in California where they were bred to be eaten. Ginn, who says she's spent the last several years "developing an ad-hoc crash course in self-reliance," hosted last week's dinner party wearing a dress she made herself out of rat pelts (photo). That work of art will also be on display.

The Allegra LaViola Gallery is located at 179 East Broadway. As with any free food alert, you'll want to show up early to get your sample while supplies last!