You like free food, right? Yeah, Random House knows you do. That's why they've gone and launched their latest edition of their Living Language courses with a food truck. And unlike some companies their food truck is a free one. But there is un poquito catch. If you want the free grub, you have to ask for it in one of the languages of the country the dishes hail from. In their words, "you've got to be able to 'say it right to get a bite.'"

In addition to the free food, Living Language will also be giving out free mini-lessons to people in line along with other gifts. Yesterday, the truck was down at Union Square (and got some pretty good lines) and today it will have its second—and last—day town in front of 1745 Broadway, between 55th and 56th, from noon till 5 p.m.

How do you say "sounds good to us" in German?