25 years ago this year the face of New York City pizza changed forever when the first Two Boots pizzeria opened its doors on Avenue A and introduced the five boroughs to a spicy pizza pie with a corn meal crust. Luckily for all of us, the taste took and those distinctly New York-by-way-of-New Orleans pizzas are still with us. So let's celebrate!

On Thursday the pizza pioneers are co-hosting a free concert at the East River Park Amphitheater and it sounds pretty swell. Hosted by Luis Guzman the summer concert includes music from African pop band Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars as well supporting sets from Mamarazzi, Odetta Hartman, Himalayas and The Whiskeyhickon Boys, to name a few.

And it won't just be music (though lots of that). The SummerStage event will also include lots of Grolsch beer (not free) and, of course, Two Boots pizza (very much free). Birthday pizza party!

5-9 P.M., August 23 // East River Park Amphitheater