When it comes to offbeat potato chip flavors, the fantasy is typically better than the reality. Cappuccino-flavored? Tastes like coffee dust. Hot dogs? Stop it. Doritos-flavored-taco-flavored? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? It's bleak out there in the chip innovation world, which was why we met the notion of Thanksgiving-flavored potato chips with a healthy dose of skepticism. There's no way that turkey and gravy-flavored chips would actually taste like a roasted bird doused in a savory sauce, right?

Shockingly, that's exactly what the chips from Boulder Canyon Natural taste like; same with the Stuffing flavor, which managed to somehow incorporate the flavor of bread in chip form. It's like if that weird Willy Wonka gum came to life only crunchy and without that troubling blueberry transformation. And while nothing's a substitute the real thing, it's certainly a fun and easy way to get the holiday flavors without all the kitchen fussing. As Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin put it, "Is there any way we could just cut out the hassle of actually cooking a Thanksgiving meal, while preserving the way it makes us fat?" Yes, yes there is.

The salty flavors were generally more popular with the Gothamist HQ crowd. "The texture clashed with what I was tasting, but in an interesting way that I liked," mused account manager Lance Merlo. "Eating the turkey+gravy, stuffing and cranberry chips in one bit was awesome." Pumpkin clocked in a close third, with staffers agreeing that it was the least "filling" of the options, good for "binge eating in front of the TV." Cranberry was voted the most "meh," though to be fair, it did have a nice tart berry flavor, good for combination bites.

You can pick up a pack at Target for $4.99; each package contains a 2.5 ounce bag of each flavor. Given the success they've had with this year's flavors, hopefully next year they'll consider some more options like Buttered Mashed Potato or Sweet Potato Casserole—just leave the marshmallows out of it.