The freedom to smoke $15 tubes of detritus sprayed with tobacco juice and chemicals wrapped in bleached paper is as fleeting as it is cherished. Today the Post identified the fourteen establishments left in New York City that are Licensed To Kill (with indoor smoking), and their grey-lunged patrons are predictably prickly, especially when Mayor Bloomberg comes up. "I’d blow smoke in his face,” 63-year-old veteran Richard Velez said. “I can’t stand the jerk.”

Establishments that are cleared by the DOH to allow indoor smoking must have been in existence on December 31, 2001, (well before NYC's Smoke Free Act went into effect) and 10% of their revenue must come from tobacco or tobacco accessories. Veteran and members-only fraternal organizations are exempt from this rule.

“Some of us fought in wars. Why shouldn’t we have the right to smoke?” Gene Burch told the tabloid as he smoked at the American Legion Post 1424 in Forest Hills.

As the former lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Chris Robbins & The Pooh Bears (1998-1999), I can attest that our renditions of Creedence tunes at VFW Post 1264 in Salem, Virginia, sounded a lot better accompanied with a cloud of smoke produced by a few Winson Light 100s.

And everyone knows that pool tables + cigarettes = PBJ.

Manhattan has the highest number of smoke-friendly hangouts (8) but most of them are obnoxious cigar bars or that place in SoHo that sells $40 packs of cigarettes.

You're better off smoking outside. Or say, what are these "e-cigs" anyway?