Eddie Huang would like to clarify a few things about his blackout-inducing Four Loko party on Thursday, which was previously reported to be cancelled because unlimited drink specials are illegal. He told Eater, "The NY Daily News misquoted me. I told the writer really clearly that the party was still going on but that I would change the special from all-u-can-drink to something else. We're doing $3/Four Loko at the bar." He's also speaking out against the mulled-over ban of caffeinated alcohol drinks by the SLA, which Chuck Schumer is getting behind again.

Back in July, Schumer accused drinks like Four Loko and Joose of targeting kids by making the product taste like candy and hiding the alcohol content. Now he's campaigning for a state ban of those drinks, and is allying himself with the family of a 17-year-old who died after drinking Four Loko. A few stores upstate have already pulled the product from the shelves because of the negative attention, but one student said, "I think by driving it underground it would just make a bigger market for it. Like kids would probably wind up using it more.”

However, as Eddie Huang so eloquently argues in his blog, banning the drinks won't keep kids from giving themselves alcohol poisoning. We highly suggest reading the whole post, but here's the gist: "Alcohol doesn't kill people, stupid people kill people. Some of my homies are a bigger threat to society drinking coconut water than me with a four loko. Without four loko, people will just drink something else."