Summer's here! And it's freakin' hot outside, so it's time to start indulging in all things icey. Here are some of our favorite frozen treats—from your own freezer, to the things the "professionals" come up with (like these five treats we suggested last year). You won't find any ice cream in this list—just ice, ice baby.

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FREEZE YOUR FRUIT: Freezing your own fruit is the way to go in the summer—in fact, you could probably make an entire frozen fruit salad. Grapes are especially tasty after being washed and then left in the freezer, where you can pick at them at all hours. For a twist, put some on a stick before freezing to make a frozen grape kebob.

Bananas are less refreshing, but also fare well in the freezer. At least one Gothamist staffer suggests mixing the frozen fruit in a blender with some almond milk, coconut, and almond butter... but this frozen banana "ice cream" looks amazing, too.

SNO BALL: We've mentioned Imperial Woodpecker and their Sno Balls (a New Orleans twist on the Snow Cone) before. Last year we noted that "The Sno-Ball's ice is of a much finer consistency... and it's served in heaping quantities in a Chinese takeout container." They've got 17 new flavors this year, including red velvet cake! Or you can stick to one of the favorite flavors from last summer: the Mardi Gras King Cake. Their prices start at $4 for a small. (Located at 124 MacDougal Street.)

Homemade lemon ice vs. Wooly's Shaved Ice

HOMEMADE ICES: Want a frozen ice but don't feel like headed out to the Ice King of Corona and can't find any Marino's in your local bodega (seriously, why can't we find this stuff anywhere)? Then make your own at home. All you need is water, sugar, and lemons (or oranges, or whatever flavor you like!). The main thing you need to remember is to stir the mixture every so often once it starts to freeze, so you don't end up with a giant block of ice. Be creative and serve the ice in a hollowed out lemon half, and add fresh herbs like basil!

SHAVED ICE: We've showed our enthusiasm for Wooly's Ice before, and here we are again. The low-calorie shaved ice gets served in a heaping helping, and you can add syrups and fruits to add even more flavor. Their servings (which range from "wooly" to "mammoth" sizes) cost $4 to $6. (Located at 79 Elizabeth Street.)