The real, original Ray's Pizza on Prince Street near Little Italy, which served its last slice in October, is being split into two separate businesses and will reopen next year, DNAinfo reports. Those businesses? Another pizza place and a spa, so you can get your greasy cheese-stained lip waxed all in one place.

The new owner of the building, Nick Aynilian, said that Ray's had been "caught in a time warp," which was true...and part of the place's appeal to legions of tourists. "This is a trendy area, so it's time for the building to take its rightful place in the neighborhood," Aynilian said. "The neighborhood has changed and the building has to change, too." Changing a pizza place to a pizza place: the definition of progress!

One of the building's previous owners, Cheryl Sorrentino, bought out her former partners and family members to take control of the space, the latest in a long line of internal ownership struggles for the building. "I just hope [the new businesses] add to the neighborhood, and it keeps going like it was before and that people will like it," Sorrentino said. Well, it can't be worse than Domino's.