Well, it could definitely be worse. The dearly departed art bar Max Fish—its relocation to Williamsburg heralding what many consider the Official Death of the Lower East Side—will be replaced by the chicken and waffles joint Sweet Chick.

Some facts about Sweet Chick, courtesy of the eatery's website: Sweet Chick is co-owned by three skeptical looking men wearing cotton-blend t-shirts. The menu is dominated by assorted comfort (drunk) foods like fried chicken and waffles, duck sliders, pork tenderloin, cornbread, biscuits and cole slaw. It's on the pricey side—$21 for Arctic Char, $17 for Sweet Chicken Bucket—but hey, they gotta make that $20,000 a month rent!

This will be Sweet Chick's second location—the other, poetically, is in Williamsburg, just a stone's throw away from the new location of Max Fish.

Asked whether the new space would maintain any of Max Fish's flamboyant flavor, co-owner John Seymour told Bowery Boogie that there would be a "subtle tribute." For a place whose interior looked like a Rainbow Brite fever dream, we can't conceive of what that means.