With each passing week, Rockefeller Center sadness den Johnny Utah's earns itself another notch on the Ick Belt. In addition to allegations that bosses at the Western themed tourist/bro trap forced them to make out with each other while riding the bar's infamously cranky mechanical bull, former employees last week amended the lawsuit to add even more charges.

According to the Post, employees are now accusing management of recording footage without their consent, using either cell phones or the bar's security cameras and posting their images to social media and even billboards.

The suit says two women ride the bull together as music, including Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” plays. When the music stops, customers egg them on to lock lips... One of the plaintiffs, Destiny Frye, was only 19 when she worked at the bar as a hostess. Despite being underage, she and other staffers her age were required to get liquored up before riding the bull, she says.

The lawsuit was filed by 23 former employees, who said they were forced to participate in the sketchy escapades or risk retribution from management.