PJ Clarke's, home to a few fictional Mad Men post-work parties and Gossip Girl hook-ups, is getting sued by a former bartender for labor violations.

According to the suit, Michael Nielsen, who worked at the famous Midtown East bar for five years, says the owners didn't pay employees for overtime hours. The suit, which is class-action, also says the owners deducted meal costs and made employees over-report their tips for tax purposes. Nielsen claims he worked 60 hours a week for the Midtown bar and its Lincoln Square counterpart without getting paid extra, and his lawyer says "hundreds" of employees, both past and present, will be eligible to go in on the suit.

PJ Clarke's owners say Nielsen was fired for regularly refusing to declare all his tips, and they expect the suit will backfire on him. ""He can file this lawsuit, and we'll bring up all his sales and how much he declared and it will become obvious, and in the end he'll end up paying a lot of money," owner Phil Scotti told the Daily News.

And this isn't the first time the bar has been in the news recently; in June, famed PJ Clarke's bartender and Sidecar king Doug Quinn was fired, leading customers to walk out with him. We've contacted the bar for comment, and will update when we hear back.