When it comes to alcoholic tastings in New York sometimes it feels like it is all beer, beer, beer these days. Which is just one of many reasons to appreciate the return of the annual Joy of Sake tasting event. Because sometimes you just want to sip back some smooth, smooth sakes in "peak condition." And if you can sip more than 300 types of sake? All the better!

This year the event is being held from 6 to 9 p.m. next Thursday, September 20 and promises more than 300 sakes along with appetizers from 14 local restaurants (including wd-50, Brushstroke, and En Japanese Brasserie). The best part? 201 of the sake labels ready for tasting aren't even normally available in the United States. Which at least adds a certain something to your boasts to your office mates when you stumble in Friday morning with a killer sake hangover. Tickets cost $90 and can be purchased right here.