2003_9_suziewong.jpgIt's encouraging to know that restaurants' efforts in objectifying women servers can go beyond Hooters type outfits and filter into even more culturally specific stereotypes. Case is point: Nightclub Lotus, which has just opened, Suzie Wong's Late Night Cafe, a reference to the movie, The World of Suzie Wong. The film is about a Caucasian artist and a Chinese prostitute, and the term "Suzie Wong" is a notorious negative stereotype - the subservient, demure, Asian whore (not unlike the white or any other color whore, but given that this was one of the first movies to star an Asian as an Asian, unlike Luise Rainier playing Chinese in The Good Earth, Suzie Wong is a turning point of sorts). Gothamist doesn't really have an issue with waitresses wearing cheongsams, but to call it Suzie Wong's Late Night Cafe... Lotus may say it's aiming for camp appeal, but then does that mean a soul food restaurant with waiters doing a Stepin Fetchit routine will be in the works, 'cause that'd be so campy.

Gothamist on yellow fever.