Inside Edition, better known for covering tabloid stories and entertainment, has found something that mixes the best of both worlds: Looking for rats in NYC restaurants. Perhaps the most famous restaurant goers these days are city rats, and Inside Edition was on them like paparazzi on Britney Spears:

INSIDE EDITION took to the streets of Manhattan between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM peering their cameras and flashlights into the windows of a wide variety of eateries, from fast food places to fine dining establishments. INSIDE EDITION found many of the restaurants shared one common denominator, vermin.

Today, part 1 aired, revealing problems at Brazil Grill (787 8th Ave. at 48th Street), Dunkin' Donuts (1093 Second Ave. at 58th Street), KFC/Dunkin' Donuts (761 7th Ave. at W. 50th Street), Burger King (401 Fifth Ave. at E. 36th Street), Arte Pasta (81 Greenwich Ave. Between Bank and West Eleventh), Papaya King (179 E. 86th Street at Third Ave), Va Bene (1589 Second Ave. at 82nd Street) and Cosi (498 Seventh Ave. at 37th Street).


Part 2 will air tomorrow, and here's a teaser: They find rats inside Fish, the seafood restaurant at 280 Bleecker. Fish owner Ed Taylor closed down the restaurant and told the show, “We’re at war. There are more rats in the city than there are people... We haven’t found anything, but we’re prepared. If he’s here, I’ll catch him."

Inside Edition airs at 11:30AM on Fox 5. And here are Gothamist's posts on rats in restaurants.

Rat in top photograph is at the KFC/Dunkin Donuts at 761 7th; rat is the lower left photograph is at the Dunkin Donuts at 1093 Second Avenue and the rat is the lower right photograph is at the Brazil Grill at 787 8th Avenue