Have you guys heard that some lady's husband is making cheese out of her breast milk? This story will not end until everyone stamps their opinion on the forbidden fromage—the latest to cough up 2 cents: the Post's Andrea Peyser.

She doesn't try the cheese, however—instead she says the controversial product has not only violated health codes, but it's also become "a litmus test on the way people feel about the value of nursing." She sprinkles around plenty of quotes from vegan mom bloggers, anti-bottle-feeders, others she dubs as "loony," and then ever-so nonchalantly injects this piece of disturbing history: "Not very long ago, John Jacob Astor and John D. Rockefeller hired wet nurses for their own use in their old age to provide breast milk for them." (LA LA LA, we can't hear you!)

To help get that image out of your head, think about this: Peyser says Lori Mason, Chef Daniel Angerer's wife, is already pondering how else to utilize her breast milk in the kitchen, and right now Angerer may just be working on breast milk gelato. Just in time for summer! (A few years ago Ben & Jerry's declined to make Mother's Milk Ice Cream after PETA asked them to.) So, would you?