It's all very well the a few restaurants are looking to help diners read their menus, what with flashlights and reading glasses. But how's this for a groundbreaking proposition: Printing menus that people can read. You know, bigger type, lighter paper with dark inks, more lighting, legible fonts... please? There's nothing more annoying than needing to hold the votive candle to the menu, only for the candle to be snuffed out by the melted wax. Maybe this is our role as pioneering foodie, to try to somehow make out the menu, but we just feel like cavemen at Lascaux.

In Psychology Today, there's a diagram of how the eye reads a menu. Unfortunately, the article isn't on line, but the gist is that with a two page spread, your eye goes to the right page's upper right corner first, then goes diagonally to the lower right (think from NE to SW), then to the opposite page. On a one page menu, people read from top to bottom.