2005_10_food_veggies.jpgGothamist adores shopping for produce and foodstuffs at markets that care as much about the freshness, beauty and seasonality of food as we do. That's why we regularly seek out the best of the best at local butchers, fishmongers, produce stores and greenmarkets. And, we feel for our NYC brethren that live in nabes where these riches aren't found easily.

That said, we were excited for DUMBO-ites (is that the term?), when we heard about a health/organic grocery spot called Bridge Fresh opening up between the bridges. Our hopes were quickly dashed when the Korean bodega opened its doors. Great signage. Not much behind it.

Now, however, our hopes are being raised again - Word is that a new, upscale, farmer's market-oriented grocery called Foragers will be opening its gleaming glass doors in November. It's tagline is certainly inspiring: Seasonal, Regional, Farmers, Organic.

Could the signage be true sign of what's yet to come? Or will our DUMBO desires be dashed?

But what about you? What are the favorite little grocery gems in your 'hood? (We hope the best ain't Gristede's!)