2005_03_slice.jpgGothamist is happy for evergreen NYC topics that everyone can revist over and over again: What the MTA can do better, what the Mayor can do better, when is a NY team going to win a championship, and what is a great slice of pizza. Newsday chats with the cutting edge of pizza conoisseurship. Experts include Ed Levine (whose book, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, is just out), Long Island pizza chef Geof Grayson, Audrey Aponte who writes on pizza.tienmao.com, eGullet's Sam Kinsey and, of course, our good friend, Adam Kuban of Slice. Kuban has been impressing commoners and the esteemed media alike with Slice's so-good- it-oughtta-be- patented "pizza bottom" shot (at right). Gothamist loves these articles not because they make us ridiculously hungry for pizza early in the morning, but because they give us the rest of the day to plan our Wednesday pre-America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 dinner.

Favorite pizzerias in the article include: DiFara's in Brooklyn, Patsy's in East Harlem. And here's eGullet's NYC pizza survey.