Looks like Whole Foods has gone and found a way to get a bigger chunk of your whole paycheck! The expensive market has started rolling out its new "Wellness Centers" this month, and the TriBeCa edition is set to open to the public on October 17. Question: Would you pay a $199 initiation fee and $49 in monthly dues for services like 10 percent discounts on "better-for-you" foods, a supper club, lifestyle evaluations and access to cooking classes?

The supermarket, which says they started the program with its employees before beginning to roll it out within its stores, is hoping to "educate, inspire and empower those looking to make positive lifestyle changes" with these new clubs. Probably the most interesting thing about them? They will be offering "private shopping tours" with shopping coaches. So it's like getting a trainer at the gym... but for your grocery shopping.

The whole idea sounds a little over-the-top to us (also makes us think of Scientology's Celebrity Centers), but you never can tell. And it isn't like our supermarkets aren't already ripping us off. Plus, if this takes off, you just know that the other markets are going to follow, and we'd love to hear what our local Food Emporium thinks we should be eating! They did, after all, make their store just for us. Curious what to expect at the new Whole Foods? Here's a propaganda video just for you!