Ridiculous food trends come and go (eating Chia Pets, anyone?), but this is a new one: prepare to go "Beyond Pot Brownies" and onto pot soup, wine, and beer. Listen up:

"Examples from the traditional cuisines of Southeast Asia and the vanguard of New American cooking point intriguingly to possibilities of a culinary style that embraces the plant’s grassy, herbal flavor profile while moderating its psychoactive effects. And even more than at the table, the future of marijuana ingestion may be found at the bar; liquid extracts allow nearly any drink to be infused with cannabis, and beer and winemakers have already begun to embrace the possibilities of fusion."

Apparently, brewers like Nectar Ales have been making pot-infused beer, and some rogue winemakers have been stuffing their barrels full of weed and letting it steep. On top of that, cocktails made with "liquid marijuana" tinctures strong enough "to put a tarantula to sleep for a year" are floating around out there in Paris, and former Chez Panisse chef Jeremiah Tower once made a pot consomme served over a chiffonade of edible flowers. And don't forget that "medical" Canna Cola from a few months back!

As Fork in the Road notes, "we had always been under the impression that it was best to add cannabis to items that had some sort of oil or butter in the mix," since THC is a fat-soluble compound. Enough with the war on drugs, calorie-cutting pot drinks are one more weapon in the war against obesity!