Looks like foodie-ism's burgeoning popularity has finally made its way to the city's criminal underworld; a man accused of stealing gourmet food from restaurant delivery trucks was caught and arrested this week.

Charles Ross, a former schoolteacher, was arrested on Monday for looting delivery trucks headed to fancy Manhattan restaurants. He allegedly stole salmon, shrimp and pastrami, in addition to 22 pounds of live lobsters, which sounds like quite a feat. And Ross has a hefty record, having served 15 years in state prison for robbery (as well as serving shorter sentences for stealing phones and for a drug case), in addition to racking up a number of misdemeanor arrests.

Ross reportedly maintained quite a business off his fancy food heists, selling his loot to high-end restaurants for a couple thousand bucks a week. And a friend who reportedly answered Ross' phone yesterday told the Post that Ross "knows a lot about life and business and school and math," so keep a lookout for him at next year's major food fest situation, assuming he manages to skirt a jail sentence.