You'll probably want to avoid eating dinner during tomorrow night's episode of Inside Edition, which promises some pretty revolting video of street vendors doing all sorts of unsavory things with their hands while on the job. According to the press release, the show's "Investigative Unit" caught a number of New York food vendors on tape exhibiting some "unsafe food handling practices." These include:

  • One food vendor touching his bare feet with his fingers between his toes before going right back to serving customers.
  • Another vendor near Times Square, who while wearing gloves picked his nose, handled money, scratched himself and touched raw chicken right before preparing food and serving customers.
  • A vendor outside the Museum of Natural History who licked his gloved hand and counted money. Then he left his cart to use a bathroom in the museum and returned to serve customers without washing his hands.

Yum! And that's not all; Inside Edition also tested the temperatures of food from other vendors and many carts serving food in the "temperature danger zone." Lisa Berger, a Food Safety Expert, tells Inside Edition that "food in the danger zone, between 41 and 140, is considered dangerous…Anything in between those two numbers, bacteria will begin to grow." Well, they don't call them dirty water dogs for no reason.