A food vendor is in a coma after getting involved in a vicious street vendor brawl on Wall Street this week.

As first reported by ABC 7, Muhammad Uddin, 48, and Sameh Amer, 39, got into a fight outside of 40 Wall Street at around 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Mohammad Pasha, Uddin's brother, told the outlet that he and Uddin had been parking their food cart at that spot on weekends for years, but recently Amer had started parking his cart nearby, hence the fight. It appears the brawl was caught on video:

Amer allegedly shoved Uddin down to the sidewalk, whereupon he hit his head. He was transported to NY Downtown Hospital and diagnosed with a blood clot, according to the Post. He is currently in a coma at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

"He's very, very terrible. And he has four kids. He got four children," Pasha told ABC 7. "He works only supporting his family. Now I don't know."

Amer, who told police Uddin and Pasha provoked the fight, was arrested and charged with assault.