2006_07_food_jellopie.jpgFor many, the Fourth of July is not only a celebration of our independence, our freedom, and our (somewhat rapidly diminishing) civil liberties, but it is a celebration of food. The holiday has become almost synonymous with barbecues and picnics, and of course, the Nathan's hot dog eating competition. Savory Tidbits gives us a list of restaurants where we can find some of our favorite Fourth of July foods, from corn on the cob to lemonade to the all-American apple pie.

For those who have a major sweet tooth, Slashfood highlights the best Fourth of July desserts: strawberry shortcake, berries with whipped cream, and "anything with jello," among others.

For us, the annual Fourth of July tradition involves a pig roast -- nothing says freedom quite like a 90 pound pig. What'll you be eating tomorrow?

Photo courtesy of Slashfood.