Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the self-explanatory Food Network show hosted by spike-haired brochef Guy Fieri, is at the center of an ugly lawsuit, and the allegations are nothing short of profane.

Way back in May, DDD producer David Page sued Food Network for breach of contract after the network refused to let Fieri tape more shows and tried to replace Page. Now, Food Network is counter-suing Page, alleging that Page failed to deliver footage on time and created an "intolerable" workplace, citing some very nasty emails from Page to his staff.

Page wrote to his employees, you are "a vile uninformed piece of shit," "you are one fucked up dumbass loser,” "“I hope you die so I can dance on your fucking grave," and "lets assume im a genius from now on. . . lets all assume i know what the fuck im doing. . . this is no longer a democracy.”

Food Network claims that Page's behavior became so bad that they asked him to change his tune, which he did not, at which point the Network barred Fieri from working on the show. But the real victim in this crime is us, the audience: who will show us how to get fat now?