In 2006, Cathy Erway started Not Eating Out in NY, a blog dedicated to eating in in a city where eating out (or at least ordering out) is the culture. And after two years she saved $7,200, lost 10 pounds, and now she has a book deal. Basically, the exact opposite of what happened to us during the same time frame.

The Post profiles her today, where she talks about everything from the money she has saved (her budget is around $25 a week), how much healthier eating in has been for her, and her slip ups (she admits to a drunken slice of pizza!) There was obviously a lot of pressure to go out. "[My friends] would tease me from time to time, but they were cool," she says. Most of the time she would go out and bring her own food, or just not eat. Unfortunately, her boyfriend wasn't as supportive as her friends, and they broke up under the strain of her new lifestyle. That's right, this guy broke up with a woman who cooked for them every night. On the bright side, the money she saved allowed her to move out and get a one bedroom in Crown Heights.

Erway finally broke the spell after getting lunch with her mother, and decided that she needed to expose herself to new cuisines. However, she still eats in most nights, and can probably afford the night out with all that extra cash. We suggest she spend that $7,200 on 100 of the suckling pigs at Maialino and kindly send one to our office.