Oh, the things you can find floating around the internet! We came across these incredible little creations thanks to the Twitter machine. Turns out artist Judith Klausner has been working on a whole series called "From Scratch," creating precious, if slightly disconcerting food art using Oreos, ketchup and toast. She works with toothpicks and straight pins to create the tiny details you see above. Just...wow.

Klausner told us she's interested in the newfound popularity of old-fashioned activities like knitting, embroidery and home cooking even while technology moves ahead at rapid-speed. "The phrase, 'like grandma used to make' gets nearly 300,000 results in a Google search. This nostalgia for the culinary past—before packaged foods and high-fructose corn syrup—fails to take into consideration just how much time it takes to make three full meals a day from scratch," she says. Which is totally true, and though we don't have the figures to back it up, probably accounts for the soaring popularity of Kraft Mac n' Cheese over the past fifty years. Check out more of Klausner's From Scratch series here.