boeing747.jpgGothamist recently flew from New York to Paris and back. In the post-Heathrow world of strict carry-on rules, we brought nothing more than a book into the cabin. Consequently, we were stuck eating Continental's dismal dinner, optimistically called 'lasagna bolognese.' It was among our worst meals in recent memory, and we didn't get past the first few bites. Even the brownie was bad.

We also don't drink coffee or tea on board, or get ice in our beverages, as we've read that bacteria levels in airplane water are exceedingly high.

We were left wondering which airlines serve the best food (first class aside), and how others cope with the issue on long flights. What's your favorite airline, food-wise? Any tricks to share, like ordering the vegetarian option? Or do you just bring your own?

The next time we fly, we may spend some time consulting the following sites, which offer airline food reviews and suggestions: Airline Meals, Airline Vegetarian Meals, and Airline Food Reviews.