NYC's strong contingent of Filipino eateries welcomes another in its ranks with the opening of f.o.b. this evening in Carroll Gardens. Filipino bbq's going to be the focus here, like pork skewers in Filipino bbq sauce and grilled spare ribs in a banana bbq sauce.

There's Chicken Adobo on the menu—"always better the next day" according to Chef Armando Litiatco's dad—along with Bola-Bola Dumplings with beef meatballs and Duck Insal, a grilled duck breast, its richness offset by calamansi lemon. Vegetarians are at a slight disadvantage here—even the noodles are fortified with fish sauce—but pescatarians eat well with peel and eat shrimp, whole grilled fish, and mussels coddled in garlic cream and melted cheese.

There's no booze on the menu just yet, so for liquid satisfaction turn to one of the restaurant's shakes, like ube—the ubiquitous purple yam—with coconut tapioca pearls or another made with avocado and tapioca. Or use those extra calories up on dessert with a Leche Flan made with duck eggs.

271 Smith Street, (718) 852-8994;

f.o.b. opening menu by Nell Casey on Scribd