A refurbished section of a food court opens Wednesday in Flushing, bringing some delicious-sounding—and seasonally appropriate—foods to Queens Crossing, the giant development on Main Street. There will eventually be nine stalls populating the space, and the first three debut this week: Curry Bo, Young Street Poke Co., and Happy Lemon.

Happy Lemon, a bubble tea operation that's already got another Flushing location, brings beverage offerings like Red Bean Matcha Lattes and Grapefruit Lemon Slushies. They're also doing their signature treat Rock Salted Cheese, a whipped up mix of enriched cheese and rock salt combined with a choice of tea, an item found at their many outlets across Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai and beyond.

Curry Bo, meanwhile, offers renditions of the classic Japanese comfort food by Japanese Chef Takanori Akiyama, who's doing a thicker version of the South Asian classic in both meat and vegetarian preparations with rice and pickles. Finally, Young Street Poke's doing Hawaii's prized dish by native Natalie Graham, with pre-designed poke don plus customizable bowls.